How to network like a professional


There are many reasons people attend networking events or attempt to network in general. Some of the main objectives include exposure, connections, growth and job leads. The most important thing to remember is that you have just as much to bring to the table as others. People often mistakenly try to suck so much out of others and forgetting that it’s just as important to showcase what they have to offer. We’ve three very important steps to follow in order to network like a pro and get the best you can out of it.


This feels like the first step for every procedure ever to be made, but that’s because it is one of the most important. It greatly influences the overall outcome (of pretty much anything). Before attending any network event or reaching out to important individuals, map out what it is that you can offer. This will keep them interested and feel like there is equal value in forming a connection with you. It’s not a bad idea to plan what you want to talk about so the conversation can go in the direction you want it to go.

Don’t Judge

Many people will disregard making connections with certain people because they believe they don’t bring value. Newsflash, just about everyone (especially at an event) can bring value to you in some form. Each may not be as obvious as others but it’s important to discover new thoughts and interesting advice from everyone, not just the CEO.


It’s not just about actually having the conversation with the really important person that is going to help you move up in life. Really listen to them! Be 100% in the moment to be able to learn from them and pick up on the little things that you may have otherwise ignored. Not only listen, but also remember. You never know, you might just bump into them some time in the near future and remembering their thoughts on a certain subject might just come in handy.

Republished with permission from Australia Business News


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