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The modern world of business is swiftly becoming one dominated by the online world. So much work now takes place over the internet and on computers as a matter of course that IT and software experts that produce reliable results are becoming something akin to gold dust. It is in that niche that KJR Australia has spread its wings, providing quality software assistance and service to businesses of all shapes and sizes, establishing itself as a primary provider of a service that is central to every business, old and new.

KJR Australia has been operational for 20 years, and has overseen the transformation of the working world from the traditional image of decades gone by to the one we find ourselves in now, where workplaces and businesses are dominated by technology. Most work is now undertaken on a computer of some sort, companies often have their own software networks and systems unique to their service.

However, this comes with the counterpoint that software and technology problems can cripple a business when they strike, especially if they are exposed at important times. This is what KJR is there to try and avoid – by providing full testing services and troubleshooting to make sure that the software employed by different companies will remain intact, even if scaled up to accommodate the growth of said business.

“We’ve been working with ASX200 companies, Fortune 500 companies and Government departments for 20 years advising and guiding them through many aspects of their previous roll-out of core IT applications and now, with that track record, are helping to lead them through their next generation of digital transformation,” says CEO Ashley Howden.

“With KJR, I’ve seen a company with a long-standing reputation in the market really start to stretch its wings; all on the back of the team really embracing our larger aspirations for the company.”

Not that the company’s journey has been a simple one – capitalising on the changing landscape of the business world means having to adapt to that yourself, and Ashley accepts that there have been tough times. However, while he believes KJR has been a success on account of the growth he has overseen, he believes it is difficult to lay down exact markers on what constitutes success since every business is different, and that there is always higher ground to reach.

“Experience has probably just helped me to be a little more sanguine about certain growth issues as opposed to now having a genuine ‘playbook’ for successfully growing any company. I just don’t think it’s that simple. It can depend your market, your team capability, how well-funded your business is and so on and so on,” he says.

“I guess if I was to offer one take-away, it would be that if you have times when your business is winning more services work than you currently have people to handle or you’re receiving orders or purchases of your products and you’re not sure if you can deliver, then don’t worry too much. It’s the best worry you can have.”

KJR has certainly reached that level of success, and Ashley has his eyes on ways that the company can expand further over the coming years, knowing the capabilities of the business as he does. He is optimistic about the ability to not only expand the delivery of their current products and services but to also explore new avenues to find more hooks to offer up to new and existing clients.

“We feel we’ve had some major success with that in recent years and are always open to the possibility of new service areas while retaining a focus on our heartland and weaving them together to create a sought-after suite of professional services,” he says.

“We have aspirations to see the company double in size to around 250 people over next 3-5 years through a mix of continue organic growth in our domestic market; service diversification; some judicious M&A activity and expansion into a couple of overseas markets should the right opportunities arise. Eventually, we’d like to see our company cemented in the minds of the C-suite of all our clients, and potential clients, as the people they turn to as they’re enacting systemic change to their organisation through a greater use of digital and IT.”

KJR Australia is a business built with the intent to harness the needs and opportunities that comes with such a radical restructuring of the working world as we have recently seen, with the digital and online revolutions firmly underway. By positioning itself as a provider capable of simplifying that transition for businesses that need it, they have ensured that demand for their services is kept high while maintaining quality output. For any company, in the simplest terms, that is their utopia.


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