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Businesses are normally geared towards catering for a specific group or demographic, so it’s unusual to find a company that has established itself to provide a particular service with allowances for the many different people it may encounter, but Grow Consulting Group has managed exactly that. The brainchild of property and financial expert Ayda Shabanzadeh, Grow has established itself as a property consultancy group with the ability to provide relevant advice to people in many different situations.

Grow was built from scratch by Ayda Shabanzadeh, and she focused the journey of building it on bringing in the right people to help her. She had the ambition to create a business that was able to provide flexible and realistic advice on property ownership and investment to people in different financial and personal situations by bringing in other experts on diverse property problems. However, Ayda accepts that experience is only one side of the coin, and that creating a genuine group was also something she had in mind.

“It is important to hire on a balance of experience and personal values because sometimes the most experienced person has different values which makes them the wrong organisational fit,” she says.

“I would advise business owners to get their interview questions and systems right. HR is always an ongoing challenge that takes time to perfect. But it’s all worth it, because we now have an amazing team and office culture.”

Ayda was able to put this rhetoric into practice when Grow Consulting Group started, by ensuring that every person who worked with her was the kind of person she required. She is a big believer in the importance of appropriate delegation, and needed to be sure that the people she brought into her group fit the values and vision she wanted for it, as well as being able to maintain quality of output.

“We ensure that our staff are all accountable for their specific roles and are proactive individuals who can work autonomously. Delegation, in my opinion, is very important for growth,” she says.

“Furthermore, we have a clear company vision that outlines where we want to go as an organisation and why. This provides our staff with clarity of purpose to continue motivating them on a daily basis.”

Grow markets itself as a company that provides the same service to many different demographics. Those identified by the company include investors, busy people, first-time buyers, commercial property buyers, and prestige home buyers. It’s pretty clear from that mission statement that a focus on customer service is the biggest motivator for the group, and it seems that the group has achieved its goals so far. It has achieved award recognition over the last few years within the industry, and Ayda already has her sights set higher off the back of that success.

“We’ve been finalists at the Buyers Agents Awards for three consecutive years,” she says.

“In the near future we’ve got plans to push our company’s services into international territories.”

With a solid client base, wide-ranging appeal, and a clear vision for the future all in hand, it seems like the sky may be the limit for Grow Consulting Group. They have a strong customer focus, a dedicated team of experts, and a genuine motivation to provide the best service they can for their clients, which ultimately adds up to present a service that will continue to be in high demand.



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