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Every entrepreneur or businessperson needs an inner fire and drive to succeed, no matter what industry they place themselves in. The drive is different for each entrepreneur, however none are as simple and relatable as the motivation that Ayda Shabanzadeh has for pursuing her career as the managing director of several multimillion-dollar property and finance businesses, including her own company Grow Consulting Group. Simply put, she was determined to carve out the best possible life for herself after growing up watching others struggle.

Ayda was inspired to make the best of herself after volunteering at a refugee centre with her father at the age of 13. After talking to a middle-aged man there and hearing of the struggles he had undertaken to try and reach Australia, she began to see how great an opportunity she had been given.

“It made me realise I was very lucky to be in Australia and that I needed to seize the opportunities available in this wonderful country,” she says.

“That moment instantly put life into perspective for me.”

Ayda has been self-employed since the age of 18, when she began her career in finance. That she has made such a success of herself from her own efforts is a testament to the determination she has to succeed and the passion for her industry, which she argues is critical to any entrepreneur.

“Passion is important because there will be ups and downs, but if you love what you do, passion is what will drive you to keep on going,” she says.

Like every professional, Ayda has encountered her share of problems and struggles. When she reflects on the journey she has taken so far, the hurdle that she considers her biggest challenge is an interesting one. She says that recruitment and human resources have posed the biggest problem for her, which she has sought to rectify by expending much more effort in this aspect of her business.

“I’d probably go back in time and focus more on the human resources aspect of the job and be as stringent with it as I am now,” she says.

“HR is always an ongoing challenge that takes time to perfect. But it’s all worth it because we now have an amazing team and office culture.”

Ayda’s motivations have evolved from her early days starting out in business as she has realised that, by committing herself, she can not only ensure a better quality of life for herself but can also provide opportunities for others to improve their lots.

“Helping people have better life opportunities and putting myself in a position where I can give back to society motivates me,” she says.

“I’m just grateful for the opportunity to do something that I love for a living which serves to improve the quality of life of so many people.”

This commitment to customer satisfaction stretches beyond award recognition. Ayda considers any professional recognition a bonus, having been a finalist at the Buyers Agents Awards for the last three years. She is determined to not get caught up in the competition, and instead continues to focus on what she can make happen.

“In recent times we’ve been more focused on what we are doing [than on awards]because the primary reward we’re interested in is customer satisfaction,” she says.

“It’s extremely rewarding to see how far our staff and clients have progressed as individuals.”

Ayda Shabanzadeh is someone who is consistently driven by the desire to do some good in the world, for herself and for whomever else she can help. She works with the interests of her clients very close to her heart, and makes it her mission to get them what they want. She uses the inspiration of her family’s journey to Australia and the opportunity she has been given to keep herself going through the bad times, but if she continues as she has shown she can, there may not be many bad times for her to endure.

Favourite quote: “It’s easier to touch the sky if you grow.”

Favourite book: “There are so many books I can recommend but I’ll keep it to two: ‘The Law of Attraction’ and ‘The Four Hour Work Week’.”

Recommended podcast: “I’m a big fan of the Tim Ferris Show. He’s an American author, entrepreneur and public speaker. The podcast is inspiring and relatable.”


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