In this era, technology is making our lives ever more efficient and convenient. Businesses are created or reformed to be able to cope with today’s growing needs. A business that is meeting this criteria in an innovative way is AirService, the mobile commerce solution that is revolutionising the world’s social scene.

Founded by entrepreneurs Dominic Bressan and Stefan Williams, AirService offers pioneering mobile ordering and payment technology that caters to an enormous market. The mobile commerce platform enables both business and customers to have a more seamless hospitality experience with minimum effort.

AirService allows it’s users to order their beverages and food from the palm of their hand, eliminating long queues and making them one of the most competitive players in the market. AirService offers users the chance to order food and drinks both inside and outside a venue so that you can avoid lines in a bar or get your favourite food delivered to your door.

The idea for the mobile commerce platform was unsurprisingly born in a long queue. Co-founder Dominic Bressan said that his partner Stefan Williams’ 2011 experience in a nightclub was the catalyst:

“He [Stefan] was out on a date in a bar in Sydney, and spent the whole night queueing for drinks at the bar while the girl he was with was getting hit on by other guys. We figured there had to be a better way.”

So AirService began from scratch, with Dominic contributing legal and hospitality experience and Stefan providing the technological know-how. Between them, they were able to wireframe the concept, work out the business model and get a proof of concept built to test the prospective market. Despite their enthusiasm, the co-founders took their time with their business.

“It took us a couple of years to decide to take it seriously, and to actually believe that major international companies would entrust their mobile commerce to two guys from Sydney,” Dominic said.

However, the need was there and the market was ready. It’s this essential product/market fit that Dominic believes is an essential element to any successful business.

“Even if everything else is a mess, if you have enough people willing to pay for what you’re providing you’ll be able to work the other stuff out,” he says.

“Product/market fit is everything. Ideally, start by scratching your own itch. If you’re solving a problem that you have yourself, then there’s a pretty good chance other people will have that problem too. And, you’ll have a deep understanding of what your product needs to do.”

Dominic maintains that the people behind the platform must understand the need for the service, which is why he strove to ensure that AirService‘s employees matched the platform’s target market.

“[The biggest challenge was] getting the people with the right skill set, team fit, and who, most importantly, wanted to use AirService in their everyday life. So people who enjoyed going to sporting events, eating out, the theatre, theme parks, resorts etc,” the co-founder said.

By ensuring that the people working on the app would actually use the app, AirService was receiving immediate feedback. Indeed, this inclusion of staff in is a huge contributing factor to the platform’s success. Dominic asserts that tapping into the motivation of his employees is what has allowed the company to grow so quickly. For AirService, employees were motivated by a combination of factors, including the opportunity to utilise cutting edge technology, flexible working hours and location, quick implementation of ideas, and the chance to take pride in a product used by thousands of people.

With only a few years of operation underway, AirService has already opened offices internationally in some of the biggest global cities including New York, London, and Singapore. With the rapid expansion of the company, Dominic admits that managing growth has been an ongoing struggle, and says that they’ve learned to follow clear processes and procedures to ensure the best results. These checklists and templates allow the company to ensure continuity throughout their international operations.

In the near future, Dominic hopes to see AirService become the default mobile commerce platform internationally for hospitality companies. With the social scene in the palm of their hands, there’s no reason that AirService can’t achieve just that.


Business Phone: 1800 247 782
Instagram: @airserviceapp


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